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JEMAGWGA   JEan-marie MAuclet / GWylene (Ghislaine) GAllimard

68 Devereaux St, Charleston SC 29403

843-723-1018 / 607-5811



GWGA: MFA in Multi Media from Concordia University (1982 – Montréal, Canada) and in Painting and Visual Communication from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs (1971 – Paris, France)

JEMA: MFA in Sculpture (1976) and BA in Political Theory (1971) – State U. of New York in Buffalo. Studied at The Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture (1972-74).



1976-80 – Professors at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Nancy, France.

1984-2010 – Creators, managers and projects directors or Fast & French, Inc (Full or part-time).

Gwylene is a Trainer for the Resources for the Social Change program of Alternate ROOTS. She was a partner in “Ustazad”, a graphic design studio (Paris, 1073-78) and administrator for “Cairn” (1982-83), an artists-run cooperative she co-founded in 1975. Since 2000, she has participated in numerous selection and discussion panels including Grantmakers in the Arts, KY Foundation for Women, Philadelphia Humanity Council and Alternate ROOTS.

Jean-Marie taught 3-D Design at SUNYAB (1975-76), Sculpture at Mount Allison University, Sackville NB (1981-82) and was a Visiting Artist at Yale University (1980)

JEMAGWGA is a member of AZULE ( and Alternate ROOTS (


PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS OF WORK (unless otherwise noted the following are by JEMAGWGA)

2012-13 – “C3”, Residency and Exhibition at Mississippi Museum of Art

2011 – “10 More Years on Penn”, Residency and exhibition at the Pittsburgh Glass Center

– “Conversations With Time”, ROOTS Fest and National Learning Exchange, Baltimore

– AZULE’s residency, “33 Gorenflo Gap, step2” (Gwylene)

– South Carolina Biennial, Columbia

2009-10 – “Olympia” at 701 Contemporary Center for the Arts, Columbia SC.

2008 – “The Future is on the Table #3”, a 4-year program and an international show. Charleston City Gallery at Waterfront Park, The Gibbes Museum, North Charleston City Gallery and other sites.

– “Image-Media-Politique” at Galerie Dix291, Paris, France. (Gwylene)

2007 – “You Comin’”, a video created at the South East Social Forum in 2005 opened the US Social Forum Film Festival in Atlanta (w/ the Charleston Rhizome of Alternate ROOTS)

– “Shifting Planes: How global artists are shaping the South”. SOE, Birmingham AL

– “The Changing Face of Charleston” with “I still don’t get it: Why do they want to be rich without us?” Curator: Colin Quashie, City Gallery at Waterfront Park, Charleston SC

2006 – “The TransSiberia Project” at the Kiasma Museum in Helsinki, Finland.

– “Table of Ice” (Gwylene) at “Le Pavé dans la Mare”,  w/ Delphine Ziegler, Besançon, France and Residency in Thane, India, w/ Michèle Waquant

2005 – “Dialogues from the Diaspora”. Curator: Frank Martin, City Gallery at Waterfront Park

2004 – “In pursuit of Equity: Brown Vs the Board of Education”. Curator: Frank Martin, The Stanback Museum at SC State University.

– “Switching Roles-Jumping Fences” (w/ The Charleston Rhizome of Alternate ROOTS)

– “Changing the Beat” (w/ The Charleston Rhizome of Alternate ROOTS)

2002-04 – “My Journey Yours” w/ Refugee Family Services at Youth Art Connection, Atlanta, GA.

2002 – “Shoreview” and “Whose Water?” part of “Rehearsing the Past” w/ Neil Bogan. Curator: Mary Jane Jacob, Spoleto Festival USA

– “The Future is on the Table #2” at FOCAS, Festival of Community Arts South, Lexington, KY

2000-01 – “Charleston/Atlanta/Alaska Challenge”, Views from the Edge of the Century, The Old City Jail, Charleston, SC. (Gwylene)

– “The Future is on the Table #1” and our studio at The Stanback Museum, Orangeburg SC

– Participant in “Communidad 2000”, Cuba and “The Central American Festival Project”, Appalshop KY (Gwylene)

1998 – Permanent outdoor installation (composite stone, glass and trees) in the garden of “the South Carolina Archives and History Center”, Columbia, SC.

– “Fanciful and Functional”, Hickory Museum of Art, NC (Jean-Marie)

1997 – “Furniture for the mind” (Jean-Marie) and “100 Portraits of Our Community” (Gwylene), The Silo, Kent CT

– “Holy City, an indoor version” and “Si Continua”, E. Stone Harper Gallery, Clinton College

1996 – “100 Portraits of Our Community” (Gwylene), at the Main Library, Columbia

1995 – “Furniture by a sculptor” (Jean-Marie) Kershaw Center for the Arts, Camden SC

1993/95 – “Insurance: Compassion for Sale” and “Fast-Food-Chain-Feeding”: Walker’s Point for the Arts, Milwaukee WI; Halsey Gallery, College of Charleston SC; Tula Foundation, Atlanta.

1993 – “Where from, Where to, Here you are” (Jean-Marie) and “Portraits are artsy bullies…” (Gwylene), Address: 3A-100 at Piccolo Spoleto

1992 – “Desperately silent” and “Holy City” drawing and sound, Mary St. Charleston

1991 – “Holy City”, part of “Places with a Past: new site-specific art in Charleston”. Curator: Mary-Jane Jacob for Spoleto Festival

1990 – “The Running Dog”, Stage One, Charleston; Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen MI

1989/93 – “33 Gorenflo Gap”, 5 miles of rope at Azule Visiting Artist Place, NC. (Gwylene)

1984 – Opening of “Gaulart & Maliclet, Fast & French”

1977/83 – “Soleil-To the Sun” (Cairn), “A per-generated Opera” (Albi Museum), “The Running Dog” (La Galerie Sans Nom, Moncton NB – City Gallery, Amqui Quebec – Powerhouse Gallery, Montreal Quebec)

(Gwylene) At Cairn: “Lecture à pied” (w/ Anne-Cecile Levrat), “Apprentissage”, “Situations Video” (a CAIRN project organized by Gwylene), “Une Proposition Elémentaire de Travail Collectif” (w/ Roland Buraud and Jean Dupanier). “Cairn Collectif” (Tryon, NC), “La France en Bleu, Blanc, Rouge, et… (La Chambre Blanche, Montreal)

(Jean-Marie) Buffalo NY: Patteran Artists, Gallery without walls, Burchfield Center, Upton Gallery, AC Gallery. Musée de Luneville, France (one-man show); “International Sculpture Symposium” (Saarbrucken, Germany); “Steel sculptures, with painted fields” (Nancy, France); “When God was a Woman” (Mount Allison University, Sackville NB)



2012/13 – Fully funded residency and exhibition at the Mississippi Museum of Art (NEA Challenge America and Alternate ROOTS Tour)

2011 – Fully funded residency and exhibition at the Pittsburgh Glass Center

2009/10 – Fully funded residency and exhibition at 701 CCA, Columbia

2008 – Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs major sponsorship for “The Future is on the Table #3”

2007 – Alternate ROOTS Artistic Assistance for “You Comin’”, recordings of the first few words exchanged between people who have never met. W/ The Charleston Rhizome. World Social Forum (Nairobi, Kenya)

2005 – Artistic Assistance from Alternate ROOTS / The Ford Foundation for “Shoreview Revisited” (Gwylene)

2003/4 – Award from the NEA Challenge America – Access to the Arts, GA Arts Council, De Kalb Arts Council and Alternate ROOTS for “My Journey Yours”

1999/2000 – Awards from the Joanna Foundation, SC Arts Commission, Expansion Arts Fund, the Humanities Foundation, for the Charleston/Atlanta/Alaska Challenge” (Gwylene)

1997 – South Carolina Arts Commission Project Support for “The Yukon Project” (Gwylene)

1997 – The Russell Foundation award for “Holy City”, an indoor version

1995 – Alternate Visions Award for “Portraits of Our Community” (Gwylene)

1994 – South Carolina Arts Commission Project Support for “Insurance – Compassion for Sale” (Jean-Marie)

1993 – South Carolina Arts Commission Project Support for “33 Gorenflo Gap” (Gwylene)

1991 – Spoleto Festival for “Holy City”

1984 – Ministère de la Culture Award (France) for “Entre Deux Choix et aux Chaises”, a video installation (Gwylene)

1980/82 – Award from the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a bilingual writing and full scholarship for the MFA multi-media program of Concordia University (Gwylene)

1974-76 – Scholarships, New York University in Buffalo and Cooper Union School in New York (Jean-Marie)

1968/71 – Scholarships, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs (Gwylene)



– “Exchanging Gifts in Charleston, The Future is on the Table” by Darryl Wellington, Community Arts Website

– “The Future is on the Table #3″catalogue, multiple authors

– “Common Memory: The Community Visual Art Challenge of Gwylène Gallimard” by Linda Burnham, Community Arts Website

– “Dialogues from the Diaspora: Art in an age of Authenticity” by Frank Martin. MOJA Arts Festival

– “Places with a Past: Site Specific Art in Charleston” by Mary Jane Jacob. Spoleto Festival USA

– Seven issues of CAIRN magazine (Gwylene)




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