JEMAGWGA Gwylene Gallimard & Jean-Marie

The Per-Generated Opera

A Per-generated Opera  


CAIRN, Paris 1979    THE CASTLE of ALBI, France 1980 –

Our first collaboration. A lesson in what collaborative work does to an artist raised in the mythology of self-expression, individualism, uniqueness.

Our very first step was “The Sun”: two artists, two approaches. The result is dual, dialectical. Sculpturally it comes down to steel and paper.

However the limitations of the dual mode explode as soon as the project expends.

At the end, the “Per-generated Opera” is a formally dislocated piece, held together by (a) its theme: earth, sky, sun, moon experience entropy, go their separate way. The sound of a shepherd’s pipe keeps the flock from disintegration. (b) the use of highly poetic and symbolic materials such as gold leaf on water, ultramarine glass beads, sheet lead …

 E102PC E103PC E101

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