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2017:  Have a great year!  Is this possible?

TRUST AND ...................................?

            "conNECKted" craves for so much: it wishes for its roots to be anchors of hope, for its seeds to be full of questions, for its blooms to welcome action, for its fallen leaves and petals to generate a new soil.

             This summer - JULY 21-AUGUST 29 - "conNECKted" will install unique cultural spaces at the CITY GALLERY AT WATERFRONT PARK (beside Pineapple Fountain) and other sites, allowing conversations, events and improvisations around issues of:

. Preservation of Housing for Locals,

. Sustainability of Tiny Businesses,

. Collective Memories of Charleston,

. Anti-racism where Racism is not recognized,

. Shared Resources for Public Schools and Arts in/with Community.

What kind of exchanges / social changes may these mean for artists, educators, activists and citizens working together?

Interested? Longing to belong? E-mail, fb, or give us a call.    Gwylene/Jean-Marie 843-607-5811/723-1018  La’Sheia 843-408-5576    Pam 843-864-5728  Debra 843-469-9527       (fb) conNECKted     

  The CHARLESTON RHIZOME COLLECTIVE is an art-in/with community group, where education, art and activism intersect. By design we are grassroots, inter-generational and inter-racial. Through the arts we amplify the voices of neighborhoods absent from public and private plans: social, cultural and economic. We envision communities where issues of exclusion and inequities in Economics, Housing, Education and Business no longer exist. For us belonging means celebrating all histories and cultures as we build a future together.

May 2015. "conNECKted" on Youtube tells you why nine of us are developing this project. 



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 The "conNECKted" project is an attempt to amplify the voices of the neighborhoods toward being part of the conversation concerning displacement of communities.

"conNECKted", an art-in-community project,

 amplifies the voices of challenged neighborhoods,

opposes the planned displacement of minorities and the

poor, the whitewashing of common memories.

After the Mother Emmanuel AME massacre, if Charleston is

of one voice, HOW CAN IT NOT SUPPORT minority

businesses, integrated neighborhoods and affordable

housing for all, the earnest desegregation of school,

a city where families scarred by gun violence can heal?

BELONGING means celebrating all histories,

building a future together.

 KC 843-276-6399

What is your history in your neighborhood?

What do you envision as a perfect neighborhood?

 How offended are you by the harassment to sell your place or move away?

How offended are you by the way people speak about your neighborhood? your school? your family?

 What would you like to pass on to your children? ...


The Charleston Rhizome Collective

of Alternate ROOTS 

Thank you so much.

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From the "ISMS" show at The AVERY  RESEARCH CENTER, Charleston SC.

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